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To provide students preparing for Casualty Actuarial Society exams with study materials and online preparatory tests that are unparalleled.

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It is not difficult for a serious candidate, after spending 250-300+ hours, to obtain a 4 or a 5 on the exam. The question is how does one obtain the additional 5-15 points to pass? read more

Spring 2012 CAS Exam Prep

Study Programs for CAS Exam 5
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Study Programs for CAS Exam 7
Essential Study Program

Study Programs for CAS Exam 9:
Ultimate Study Program
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Updated for 2012:

 Reassembled Past CAS Exams
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Information about ALL 10's new Reassembled Past CAS Exams
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 Article Formulas Candidates can print out an online summary of key formulas presented in each article. The formula sheets have the added bonus of stating what formulas were necessary to answer computational based questions appearing on past CAS exams (and likely to appear on future exams).

 Improved Notecards We've completely revamped our pre-printed and blank notecard system to streamline your study process. Cards will be available for printing by section within article, and provide flexible methods for printing cards for an article in total. In light of the CAS' penchant for asking essay based questions on recent exams, candidates will find that access to our online printable notecard system a key preparation tool for preparing them to answer essay based questions likely to appear on the Spring 2012 exams.


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